Socket Shelf™ - Add A Shelf To Any Outlet

Socket Shelf™ - Triple Your Outlets Plus 2 USBs With Built-In Surge Protection

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Socket Shelf
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brought to you by sharper image Socket Shelf features
Socket Shelf™ Features:
  • Add a shelf to any outlet and triple your outlets
  • Creates extra shelf space over top any outlet
  • Keeps everything neat, secure and off the counter
  • Easy to install – Just plug it into any outlet
  • Triples your power outlets - 6 power outlets
  • Adds 2 USBs for charging phones and tablets)
  • Built-in surge protection with light indicator (1000 Jules)
  • Makes the perfect charging station in bedrooms and offices
  • Keeps items off countertops in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Great for every room in the house and even the garage
  • Compatible with GFCI outlets
  • Shelf Dimensions: 8" x 3.25"
  • Socket Shelf™ is designed with a reversible shelf to fit standard and inverted outlets. (Note: Socket Shelf is not compatible with horizontal outlets)
  • UL Listed
Socket Shelf ™ - Add A Shelf To Any Outlet

Offer Details: Socket Shelf™ by The Sharper Image® is the revolutionary new power station that lets you add a shelf to any outlet. Socket Shelf features 6 outlets, 2 USB and built-in surge protection. No installation required - just plug it in! Through this special offer, when you buy a Socket Shelf for just $29.99 plus $4.99 processing and handling, we will also include a second Socket Shelf for just an additional $4.99 processing and handling.

Offer includes: (2) Socket Shelf™

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